(By Greg Laurie) Almost 50 years ago, a great spiritual awakening known as the Jesus Movement swept across America. Time magazine called it the “Jesus Revolution”, which is interesting, considering it was during the time of a sexual revolution as well. Moral standards were replaced with “free love,” and sexual promiscuity was wildly rampant. And let’s not forget about the drug revolution that took over the country as well. The Beatles led the charge on this, starting with their early hit “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and then on to “I’d Love to Turn You On.” Things got even darker in America, especially in 1968. Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in April, and just two months later,

presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy was shot and killed. He was the brother of President John Kennedy, who was shot and killed in Dallas in 1964. The country was reeling. God decided to send a Jesus revolution, and let me tell you—it changed America dramatically, and in many ways, it saved an entire generation. It seems to me it’s time for another spiritual revival. As believers, we want God to heal our land and change our nation for the better, but as we look at the problems in our country, it’s sometimes easier to just point at someone else. We say the problems in our country are because of the White House or Hollywood, but God says the source of the problems is actually His house, the church. CONTINUE