(By Mark Virkler) Are you looking for a way to get through to your unsaved friend or child or parent, but there seems to be a spiritual block as they just don’t see, hear or respond? Well, there probably is a spiritual wall there, and you can impact it through binding and loosing, partnering with the company of heaven. “Binding” is tying up demonic forces, and “loosing” is commissioning angelic forces and releasing the Holy Spirit to convict one’s heart. God always leads us in this process.

Example of God’s Leading – 
I was dealing with a rebellious runaway teenage girl who was living in our home, and I needed to get through to her. I saw rebellion, but when I journaled, God said, it was insecurity in her heart from feeling unloved, and the rebellion was simply a façade to protect her insecurities. Rather than dealing with her protective wall of rebellion, she needed to experience love and understanding. So rather than confronting her and laying down the law, I deepened my relationship with her. And rather than binding the demon of rebellion, I bound the demons of rejection, fear and loss. After all, she felt rejected by her parents. The Lord leads in what we bind and what we loose. So you see, I do need the Lord’s leading before I go about binding things. I need to hear what He is doing and what He wants done, meaning I need to be led by His Spirit (Rom. 8:14). Then the Spirit will tell me what to bind and what to loose. CONTINUE