While maybe not as legendary as Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil for forecasting the weather weeks in advance, the just-released Farmers’ Almanac for the Year 2019 has given its long-range prognostication for the United States. The forecast – an icy-cold winter is coming. “In terms of the winter for 2018-2019, we think it’s going to be teeth-clatteringly cold, primarily in the northern tier of states from New England over to the West Coast”, Almanac Editor Peter Geiger told CBN News in a recent interview.

“The middle part of the country, what I would call the northern plains down to Texas, we’re talking about it will be stingingly cold. A very, very cold winter is how we see it.” “The southeast gets near normal winter temps and is wet. The Great Lakes area is bitingly cold and snowy and of course, it’s snowy up in the northeast. The West Coast is mild precipitation and mild temps,” he added. READ MORE