For one Memphis pastor, no curse word is off limits. Pastor Thaddeus Matthews, who leads Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries, told The Christian Post he doesn’t “give a d***” what Christian critics think of the bad language he uses from the pulpit. He said he sees “no reason to try to justify” his expletive-filled messages because he’s “a fisher of men” who goes to people “on their level.” “You have to

get past the cussing to get the message,” he explained. “The cussing has drawn the attention of millions around the country.” Matthews went on to explain that, in his mind, there’s a difference between “cussing” and “cursing.” Today’s cuss words — like “s***,” “motherf*****,” and “d***” — were not used in biblical times, so he sees no reason to censor his vocabulary when he preaches. The controversial pastor has been employing such vulgar language for three years. Before he entered the ministry, Matthews was a controversial yet successful radio broadcaster. READ MORE