For those who know the Word of God understand that. what the World identifies as “Ghost” is actually a demon. Therefore what is deemed as “Haunted” is actually “Demonic” or “Possessed”. According to a recent report, Post Malone has apparently been ‘cursed’ by a “haunted object” which might explain his run of bad luck lately. From the mid-air emergency which saw his private jet make a landing without its wheels a couple weeks ago, to the car crash and home invasion where ‘gun-toting thieves’ yelled for the rapper when breaking into his old house,


the star hasn’t been having the best time. And, in a video released today, Post might have messed with the wrong demon. Hanging out with Ghost Adventures star Zac Bagans at his Haunted Museum – sounds spooky enough already – the Rock Star rapper can be seen touching the shoulder of Zac who was touching the object that is normally hidden behind protective glass. Now we know why the glass is in place! Post is holding a beer, making it appear they’re enjoying a low-key, social hang out in the museum, as you do, before the two flee the room. READ MORE