Two tropical storms churning the Atlantic threaten to join forces spawning a deadly mega-cyclone before unleashing a brutal attack on Britain.  ‘Danger to life’ warnings have been issued across swathes of the UK with the union of ex-hurricane Helene and newly-formed Joyce threatening 80mph gales, torrential downpours, flying debris and floods next week. The brutal assault could open the floodgates to a string of storms forming in the Atlantic throwing roads, airports and other transport networks into chaos, experts warn. In an added twist,

sweltering air dragged in by both systems will push the mercury to 30C (86F) after the weekend. The entire country will boil in temperatures almost 20C higher than normal for the time of year towards the middle of next week, experts say. Roads and bridges face closure while homes could be hit by power cuts and phone outages as the storm smashes the country on Monday night. A huge sea swell dragged towards the UK will send monster waves crashing over defences sparking flood fears while people planning to fly have been urged to prepare for disruption. READ MORE