Satellite footage has estimated the cyclone will strike an area north of New Orleans at about 7 pm local time (1 am BST). Gordon formed around southern Florida on Monday before it swept across the Gulf of Mexico. The tropical storm could turn into a hurricane and smash into Mississippi with some experts believing it could become a Category 1 cyclone. Bruce Katz, a meteorologist, said the storm could produce 75mph winds as it makes landfall.

He added: “Right now Tropical Storm warnings in effect and Hurricane warnings to our east along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “Again it looks like Gordon will make landfall to the east of us around 5pm to 9pm tonight as it moves on it. “Then, eventually, by tomorrow morning moving well north into Jackson and then further north beyond that into Thursday and Friday.” But, thankfully for millions of Americans, some meteorologists believe the storm could die down and may not turn into a full-blown hurricane. READ MORE