Chick-fil-A employees are constantly making headlines for amazing acts of service, usually for their dedication to the company and their customers. Now some employees at a Belmont, NC Chick-fil-A are showing how much they love and appreciate one of their co-workers by rallying around her with prayer. Video of the prayer recently went viral with nearly 100,000 views. In it, team members from the restaurant chain can be seen bowing their heads in prayer for a woman named Ms. Trish. Customers inside the restaurant were welcome to join in the prayer.

“We have one of our team members that is starting surgery right now for breast cancer, and we’d like to say a short prayer for her,” a manager can be heard saying in the video. He prayed, “Dear Lord, please just protect Ms. Trish as she begins her surgery today. Please give the surgeons a steady hand as they perform the needed surgery on her. Please keep everybody in the surgery room – let them be at their best today and have sharp minds and clear heads as they work on her. We need her back here.” READ MORE