(By J. Lee Grady) I recently prayed with a young friend of mine (I’ll call him Mark) who started following a so-called “prophet” named David E. Taylor a few years ago. Mark’s life took some strange turns after he came under this man’s influence, so I decided to investigate. I learned that Taylor claims to be more than your average prophet. He is, according to his website, a “prophet like unto Moses.” He tells his followers that he has seen Jesus face to face more than 1,000 times, and that those who follow him—and give financially—will also have face-to-face encounters with God.

But Taylor raised more eyebrows when he said God showed him in a dream that the Denver Broncos would win the 2014 Super Bowl. As things turned out, the Seattle Seahawks trounced the Broncos, 43-8. Today, former followers of Taylor have started websites to expose him. Former staff members for his organization, Joshua Media Ministries International in St. Louis, said they worked long hours for little pay to raise donations for the preacher. In a 2015 legal deposition, Taylor admitted that he spent $30,000 a year on clothes and used ministry funds to buy luxury cars. READ MORE