(By Kathy Degraw) You just received a prophetic word and believe it is from the Lord. Your concern is: “What do I do next?” My concern is what you didn’t do next. The next step is not taking action on the prophetic word you received, but testing it. Ask yourself questions such as: “Will this bear fruit and glorify the name of Jesus Christ, or will it distract and detour me from my godly assignment?” Prophesy is in part and your first responsibility is to discern the accuracy of the prophetic word delivered. When receiving a prophetic

word that you believe is from the Lord, you should stop and verify it is from the Lord, and not your flesh desiring it or the enemy trying to distract you. Our own desires can seduce us into thinking something is of the Lord when it is not. It is wisdom to verify the word (not analyze it) before you take action. Taking the word at face value without seeking confirmation and direction can detour you from the will of God. We can prematurely act on a word because we feel it makes sense and we have comfort proceeding. We think, I can do this. We are comfortable because it makes sense to us in the natural, but the question is: Do we have peace proceeding forth in the spiritual? READ MORE