During Christ Fellowship’s 21-day fast in January, Pastor Todd Smith said God gave him a vision of the church’s baptistry. The baptism pool was full, and there was a strip of fire on top of the water. Shortly after, Smith says, God “Sat down in our building and rocked our world.” And, revival and the manifest presence of God has been evident ever since in the small charismatic church in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Physical healings, deliverance and more than 500 baptisms have taken place during Sunday-night services at Christ Fellowship for the past six months. Smith says people have come from hundreds of miles to “walk into that water and feel the presence of the Lord.” “And that’s what it is all about, the hunger just to feel God’s presence,” says Smith, who has pastored Christ Fellowship for eight years. “People want to be healed, and they want to be whole. God spoke to me and said ‘Todd, I am going to baptize people here with both water and fire.’ The encounter has been so strong and so forceful that I can’t articulate it.” READ MORE