(By PNW) A new Middle East “peace plan” is gestating and, according to the Trump administration itself, nearly ready to hatch. It is easy to be cynical. Peace plans have been produced by various administrations and yet, there is no peace. On the other hand, the Trump administration–as it has on other issues–is laying the groundwork differently. The refusal of the Palestinian Authority to engage with the president’s envoys, interestingly, has not stopped the shuttle with Israel and Arab states (including a reported joint

meeting between Israeli, American and Arab intelligence chiefs), and decisively telling the Palestinians that they will not be paid for attending–and, in fact, have assets to lose by not participating.We don’t, of course, know the American endgame or its likelihood of success, but there are basically only two possibilities: The establishment of a Palestinian state with “security guarantees” for Israel; or
Recognition by the Arab states and Palestinians of Israel as a legitimate and permanent state in the region. If it is the former, it is doomed. READ MORE