World-renowned evangelist Francis Chan called out the “embarrassing” American Church for being more concerned with speakers, music, and convenient service times than the actual gospel. “I don’t want to be critical but the Christian church in America has just gotten goofy,” he said during his sermon. Chan talked about a recent trip to Israel and how he saw so many people of different faiths earnestly worshipping in Jerusalem.

“You’ve got crowds of people at the Wailing Wall praying because of what they believe. You’ve got Muslims, thousands on that Temple Mount praying. You’ve got people of all sorts of different religions that just go after it for what they believe. And then you have Christianity in America where people show up depending on the speaker, depending on the band, and show up for maybe an hour a week if it’s good enough for them,” Chan shared. “Have you tried to look at how the church looks from an outsider’s perspective? READ MORE