Ayrial Miller is clearly annoyed. Her mother is sitting with her on the couch in their Chicago apartment, scrolling through the teen’s contacts on social media.  “Who’s this?” asks Jennea Bivens, aka Mom. It’s a friend of a friend, Ayrial says, and they haven’t talked in a while.  “Delete it,” her mom says. The 13-year-old’s eyes narrow to a surly squint. “I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!” she shouts. Yes, Bivens is one of

“those moms,” she says. The type who walks into her daughter’s bedroom without knocking; the kind who tightly monitors her daughter’s phone. She makes no apology. Nor should she, says a retired cybercrimes detective who spoke to her and other parents in early June at Nathan Hale Elementary School in Chicago. “There is no such thing as privacy for children,” Rich Wistocki told them. READ MORE