A killer heatwave which has left dozens dead in Canada has arrived in the western US.   High temperatures have left 33 dead in Quebec this month and the hot weather is now moving into the US. A heatwave has already hit the northeast US and has now arrived on the west coast, with California now suffering 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.  This month 33 people have died in the Canadian

province of Quebec due to the heat, including 18 in the city of Montreal. Dr. David Kaiser of Montreal’s Regional Public Health Department said most of the victims were more than 50 years old, male and living alone.  None of the victims had air conditioning in their homes,  Dr .Kaiser added. The northeast US has also been hit by heat-related deaths. On Sunday a man running a race in New York died after his internal temperature reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Coroner Frank Whitelaw said: “When your brain becomes overheated like that, it can’t function anymore.” READ MORE