The clip, captured in the skies over New Jersey, USA, shows the bizarre event in its full glory. Recorded late at night, it reveals what appears to be a light show going on in the skies. A witness claimed the strange phenomenon was like an “electrical storm” but there are no reports of the event. The video was uploaded to YouTube channel Faya World Secrets on July 5, where it has racked up more than 8,500 hits.

But it has gained a mass of popularity after being shared by well-known conspiracy channel secureteam10 yesterday. Tyler Glockner, who runs the page, speculated whether it could be a UFO or even a portal opening up. And some of his followers agreed. One comment read: “It really does look like a portal trying to open. “Or it could be a black hole. I’m not sure but it definitely looks like something trying to open to me.” READ MORE