Bethel Music worship leaders say they believe a third great awaking is coming to America.  During their final tour night at the Beacon Theatre in New York City last week, Josh Baldwin, Bethany Wohrle, and Lindy Conant spoke openly about what they sense is spiritually coming to the United States. “I think God’s going to use healing in America to lead so many people to Jesus,” Conant, the newest member of

Bethel, told Fox News.  The popular contemporary Christian music group recently wrapped up their second annual Heaven Come Conference in Dallas, Texas, which brought out nearly 6,000 people in what the band described as a “life-changing” event.  Bethel Music also performed in Boston, Massachusetts, where hundreds gave their lives to Jesus. “People were so hungry,” Baldwin added. “It does feel like people are re-upping their commitment to the Lord. It’s been powerful every night … we would stop [in worship] and they would lead.” READ MORE