As if proof was necessary, a recent Gallup Poll showed that Americans are holding more permissive views than ever on a variety of cultural and societal issues.  According to Gallup, Americans continue to express an increasingly liberal outlook on what is morally acceptable, with views on several moral issues the most left-leaning they have been to date. The percentages of U.S. adults who believe birth control, divorce, sex

between unmarried people, gay or lesbian relations, having a baby outside of marriage, doctor-assisted suicide, pornography and polygamy are morally acceptable practices have tied record highs or set new ones this year. Religion and culture expert, author and national host Dr. Alex McFarland ( discussed these findings and what they mean for both Christians and citizens, on the new Stand in the Gap TV program from the American Pastors Network (APN), which considers transcending cultural issues, seemingly difficult to navigate, from a biblical worldview perspective. READ MORE