A strong earthquake measuring 6.4 has hit the Kamachatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East. The tremor struck 58 miles east of Ozernovskiy at about 1.40am on Friday morning. The city is located in the far east of Russia, which lies on the Pacific coast. The Kamchatka region lies near a subduction zone, where the Pacific plate slides underneath the North American. Earthquakes 6.0 to 6.9 may cause a lot of damage in

very populated areas, but no damage has been reported after the quake so far. Despite thousands of football fans currently in Russia for the World Cup, the Kamchakta Peninsula is located a long way from any of the venues being used for the tournament. The Central Stadium of Yekaterinburg is the closest World Cup venue to where the quake has been felt but the distance amounts to 3,892.63 miles. The Peninsula is the furthest reaches of the Eurasian continent. READ MORE