President Donald Trump says he addressed the plight of persecuted Christians when meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.  “I brought it up, absolutely. They will work on that. We did not put it down in the document. It will be worked on. Christians, yes,” Trump said, according to a transcript. “We brought it up. Franklin Graham spent and spends a tremendous amount of time in North Korea. He has it close to his heart. It did come up and things will be happening.” Open Doors

USA, a Christian persecution watchdog group, ranked North Korea as the No. 1 persecutor of Christians on the planet. Trump’s announcement that he did bring up the Christian persecution encouraged David Curry, president of Open Doors USA: Though we have few details of what was said, President Trump’s decision to address North Korea’s human rights atrocities was diplomatically bold, and we are particularly glad to hear the president say he brought up the plight of the more than 300,000 Christians who face persecution and even death under the regime of Kim Jong Un. READ MORE