An active night for severe weather in Kansas saw much of south-central Kansas impacted by strong to severe storms. As the strongest remaining storms began to weaken in Sedgwick County late Tuesday night, the focus remains on Eureka, where daylight will reveal the extent of damage from a tornado that left thousands without power and at least five injured, one critically.  Late Tuesday night, the adjutant general’s office says the Kansas Division of Emergency Management asks people wanting to help with

cleanup and recovery efforts in Eureka to stay away from town for now. “We know that their hearts are in the right place,” says Angee Morgan, deputy director of KDEM, “And there will probably be opportunities for people to volunteer, but right now, we need to let the professionals do their jobs, assessing the situation to see what is needed and where it is needed. Though well-intentioned, too many untrained volunteers rushing in can create problems.” READ MORE