Would Jesus go to Bonnaroo? That’s the question one ministry is asking ahead of what was one of the largest music festivals in the world.  The internationally known event is filled with things Christians are supposed to flee—debauchery, drugs and various forms of immorality.  But ministry LoveReach says that’s exactly where Jesus would be, and the Great Commission commands that believers be there also. Not to be of the world, but to show attendees just how much God loves them.

“If Jesus said go into all the world, then Bonnaroo would definitely be considered the world,” Bob Perry of LoveReach says in a newsletter. His team went to the music festival in 2017 and came home with incredible testimonies.  “Jesus was there touching heart’s for salvation, healing broken lives, setting those in bondage free and speaking life into those who seemed to have no hope. He did this and much more through those who were willing to give of themselves, in order to serve the Master,” Perry says. READ MORE