A new eruption started at Fernandina volcano (Cerro la Cumbre) in Ecuador around 15:00 UTC on June 16, 2018, IGEPN reports. This large shield volcano is a part of Galapagos volcanic archipelago.Its last eruption occurred in September 2017.  The eruption is taking place on the north-northeast flank of the volcano and is so far characterized by the emission of lava flows and a gas column rising up to 3 km (1.8

miles) and drifting southwest. According to the personnel of the Galapagos National Park, the lava flow has already reached the ocean. There are no human settlements in the area of the eruption and until IGEPN’s latest report on June 16, there was no evidence of ash emission. The agency is advising residents and tourists to stay away from the area in eruption and in particular from the area where lava flows are entering the ocean due to possible explosions and a large amount of toxic gas. READ MORE


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