Xcel Energy says that they anticipate Thursday to be the highest-usage day of 2018. Denver broke the heat record which was previously at 99 degrees by reaching 100 degrees at 11:31 a.m. Thursday. Denver would go on to tie the all-time heat record in the city, 105 degrees, at 2:20 p.m. That ties the all-time heat record set on June 26, 2012. Water World hosted it’s annual Belly Flop Contest on Thursday morning,
when it had already reached 100 degrees. The belly floppers said they have been training and thinking up unique moves for the competition. “Anyone out there who wants to belly flop you definitely have to get the technique down. The closer you get to hitting the water at once the more perfect your flop is going to be,” said Belly Flop contestant Nikko Bermea. READ MORE

Temperatures will soar across much of the U.S. the next few days, approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) from Chicago to New York as the summer’s first heat wave takes hold and spurs electricity demand. Heat advisories and excessive heat warning stretch from Minnesota to Louisiana and from Nebraska to Ohio, according to the National Weather Service. Bulletins have also been posted in New York and Vermont.  “That is a huge area,” said Bob Oravec, a senior branch forecaster at the U.S. Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland. “I bet today they expand it all the way across the eastern U.S.” to include the southeast.READ MORE