Severe storms, including hail the size of baseballs, left a trail of damage from Carrollton to Coppell to Arlington early Wednesday. Windows and skylights were shattered, car lights were cracked or smashed, and tree branches were knocked to the ground.  “It actually sounded like God was throwing rocks at us,” said Coppell resident Brandi Rafael.  The storms turned severe at around 12:30 a.m. when the National Weather Service posted warnings for portions of Denton County and Collin County. Those storms tracked south and west, bringing high winds and heavy rain to the DFW area, and dumping large hail in its path.

“The sound is what got me,” said Cynthia Schultz of Coppell. “Never heard the intensity of something pounding like that.” “I heard a lot of commotion going on, and I actually thought someone was trying to break into my house — that’s just how hard the hail was hitting,” stated Coppell resident Charles Peteet. “I’ve been here my whole life in North Texas, Dallas area, and I’ve never seen anything like this before.” READ MORE