(By Joseph Mattera) One of the greatest needs in the Body of Christ is to release the spirit of sonship (Read Romans 8:15). Since both the nation of Israel and the church were modeled after the biblical family structure its leaders were supposed to function more as spiritual parents than corporate executives. The apostle Paul said that we only have few fathers even though we have numerous teachers (1 Corinthians 4) those who have not

been properly “fathered” in the natural can tend to walk with an “orphan spirit”. Unfortunately, many leaders in the church and marketplace still function emotionally with an orphan spirit even though they have been adopted as sons into the family of Father/God. Leaders with orphan spirits are limited in their capacity to make disciples and maximize their Kingdom purpose. I write this article to shed light on this vital subject so leaders can become more self-aware, and go to the Lord and others to be healed. CONTINUE