The deadly flash flood that devastated a Maryland town’s historic center in July 2016 was dubbed a 1-in-1000 year event. Less than two years later, an even more treacherous flood ravaged the town, gutting shops and killing a visitor.  Exasperated locals, just starting the strenuous task of picking up the pieces from Sunday’s disaster, are calling for authorities to energetically focus on finding a

permanent stormwater solution for Ellicott City’s downtown district, situated in a ravine some 13 miles (20 kilometers) west of Baltimore. “Who would have thought this was going to happen in two years? But it happened again. And maybe we’re never going to see Old Ellicott City again,” said resident Sahil Saini, standing outside a  community center doubling as a shelter.  Flooding is hardly new for historic Ellicott City, a onetime home to mill workers that transformed into a tourist hub known for its restaurants, antique shops and nightlife.  READ MORE