A popular legal blogger whose site was abruptly terminated without an opportunity for appeal by the revenue-sharing program Amazon Associates has concluded that someone at the web retail giant “wanted us gone” for political and ideological reasons. William A. Jacobson of the blog Legal Insurrection said his participation in Amazon Associates was ended April 28 “without warning, with false and shifting explanations.”  Amazon further told Jacobson it was holding back any accumulated money his site was owed.

“There was no prior indication of a problem, or chance to cure,” he said.  Now, after the “month-long futile process of seeking reinstatement is over, it is clear to me that someone at Amazon wanted us gone.”  “The wholesale effort to marginalize and silence voices that dissent from the Leftist agenda was not as obvious then as it is now, and at the time I thought the whole thing was just one of those inexplicable and unfortunate mistakes that happen sometimes,” Spencer wrote Thursday.  Now, based on Amazon’s explanation of what happened to him and reading Legal Insurrection’s post, he said, “I realize that it was far more insidious.” READ MORE