Moses found God in a burning bush, and some North Dakota churchgoers believe they saw an apparition of Jesus in the form of flame at an Easter Vigil mass in March. Amateur photographer Paulette Osborne captured the photo of the burning Easter candle at Holy Spirit Church in Fargo taking the shape of the a cloaked man on March 31, and, while she is cautious about using the term “apparition,” she admits to being wowed by the image.

“You have to be careful because an apparition has to be thoroughly researched and approved by the [Catholic] Church,” she told KFGO radio station. “I mean, it’s a beautiful symbol of the evening and it was so appropriate for that Easter Vigil service. It really cannot be called an apparition.”  As Osborne explained, she began snapping pictures that the vigil mass after noticing a crowd of people gathering around the flame. MORE