Beyoncé’s family reportedly purchased a historic church in New Orleans, complete with pews, a pulpit, and ready for service. The church is over 100 years old and located on the corner of Camp and 7th in downtown New Orleans.  Its uncertain if worship is what the property will be used for since the church is zoned HU-RD1, meaning it could be transformed into a small residence. City ordinance states that HU-RD1 zoning is, “limited non-residential uses such as places of worship, historic neighborhood commercial establishments, and recreational facilities that are compatible with surrounding

residential neighborhoods.” The Knowles family is also connected to a Garden District home about five blocks away.  The church was purchased on May 11, just weeks after a San Francisco church held a Beyoncé mass. Nearly 1,000 people showed up to sing Beyoncé songs and listen to a sermon by Reverend Yolanda Norton about the Biblical themes in the music. Broadly reports that the event was “to tell a story of empowerment for particularly women of color, but for anyone who happens to sing praises to the goddess herself, Beyoncé.”  READ MORE