(By Ben Goodwin) When I was a kid, my family attended many summer camp meetings in Tennessee. Having a large family, my parents decided to save money on motels by staying at a KOA campground. So we borrowed a huge tent and set up on a spacious, shaded campsite. I’ll never forget the sense of adventure I felt being on a “real” camping trip. It was such a nice campsite we wondered why no one else had claimed it.  Then it happened! While we attended one of the church services, heavy rain pounded our flimsy fortress.

When we returned, everything (our luggage, bedding, food and so on) was either submerged or floating in ankle-deep water. Apparently, everyone else realized that that campsite was on a low spot prone to flooding. I learned a valuable lesson that summer—be careful where you pitch your tent. The book of Genesis tells the story of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, a good man who made some bad decisions that cost him dearly. A conflict erupted between Abraham’s and Lot’s herdsmen over a land dispute about grazing rights. How do molehills become mountains? You just add dirt! READ MORE