The archipelago nation east of Australia is attempting to evacuate all 11,000 people who live on Ambae Island to nearby Santo Island because of ongoing eruptions at the Manaro volcano, according to the Guardian. A state of emergency was declared and many people began having respiratory problems as the smoke and ash from the eruption filled the air, the report added. Evacuations were even more difficult because of heavy rain that triggered flooding and mudslides, the Guardian also said. Vanuatu’s leaders

are also keeping an eye on several other volcanoes rumbling on islands near Ambae, Radio New Zealand reported.  “It is really challenging for the affected community, it is their home and all they know, they’ve been there for their entire life,” Cate Heinrich, UNICEF Pacific’s chief of communications, told the Guardian. “At the moment, our priority is helping women and children who have been affected, making sure children have safe spaces and helping them begin to process and understand what is happening to their home, using techniques like drawing.” READ MORE