Speculation is rising about what’s next―or better yet, who’s next―in the life of Queen Elsa from Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen.  A sequel to the hit film is set to release in Nov. 2019, and now an interview with the film’s writer and co-director, Jennifer Lee, in the Huffington Post raises the possibility that Elsa could be getting a girlfriend. The movement started when fans and LGBTQ activists grabbed a hold of the film’s hit song “Let It Go” as their “coming out anthem”―

and once a sequel was announced, social media became flooded with the hashtag “GiveElsaAGirlfriend.” Petitions even circulated to give the character a female love interest. When Lee was asked about whether or not she was going to officially inaugurate Elsa into the LGBTQ community, she said the film’s team has been discussing the possibility. “I love everything people are saying and people are thinking about with our film,” she told the Post. READ MORE