Walmart is removing Cosmopolitan magazines from the shelves of their check out lines.  The retail giant said in a statement that the decision was primarily a business one, but concerns from the public about the magazine’s sexual content were taken into consideration.  The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) who helped initiate the change, said in a Facebook live that now families won’t have to worry about seeing the material while waiting in line.

NCOSE Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach Haley Halverson said Tuesday, “You can go through and buy your groceries with your family knowing you don’t have to be exposed to this graphic and often degrading and offensive material. Instead, all of these magazines will be moved, in isolation, to the magazine racks.”  According to NPR, the NCOSE has been behind several efforts to cover or remove Cosmo from store shelves for years, deeming it porn. READ MORE