Weakened to the point of exhaustion by years of loss, she sat hoping to regain strength. Few in the crowd glanced at her as they passed. Those who saw her either looked at her with pity or disgust. As she stood and began to shuffle forward, the words of the last doctor rang in her ears, “We have tried everything and with no improvement. Sorry, but you may have a month left to live.”  The words had relieved her. For the past 12 years, she had spent her fortune searching for a cure. The things they had done to her and

prescribed for her were more dreadful than the horrid disease that drained her of her blood. At least, now she knew. Weakened by illness and now by the pronounced death certificate, she headed for home. It was a long journey back to Caesarea Philippi, but she determined to make it. She refused to die along the way. No! If she must die, it will be in her home. Though she kept to herself as she traveled, she could not miss the buzz of excited talk about “The Jesus.” This was the term given to distinguish Jesus of Nazareth from a multiple of other men with the same name. They said this Jesus was a rabbi with extraordinary power. READ MORE