Homeschooling families used to be the guaranteed outcast, often enduring a never-ending stream of probing questions and funny looks. But the tide seems to be turning. Homeschooling is now “soaring” in popularity, as more options become available, more families seem to be taking the plunge.  ABC took a closer – and quite honestly refreshing – look at homeschooling. Good Morning America host and former NFL star Michael Strahan revealed he had homeschooled his children for a period of time, while

ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza, a homeschooling mom, joined the segment to provide an in-depth look. Normally, homeschooling is chastised and derided in the national discussion. The debunked myths such as homeschooled children will not be socialized properly continue to persist, making a glowing segment such as this one a welcome departure from the norm. This report featured an interview with Tim Tebow, who was homeschooled as a child.  READ MORE