Pope Francis in a recent interview with his longtime atheist friend stated that hell does not exist and that souls just disappear after death.  Scalfri says to the Pope, “Your Holiness, in our previous meeting you told me that our species will disappear in a certain moment and that God, still out of his creative force, will create new species. You have never spoken to me about the souls who died in sin and will go to hell to suffer it for eternity. You have however spoken to me of good souls, admitted to the contemplation of God. But what about bad souls? Where are they punished?”


Pope Francis says, “They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot, therefore, be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.” – In yet another absurd twist of scripture Pope Francis, formerly Jorge Mario Bergoglio, allegedly made the claim that hell does not exist as is evidenced in the paragraph above. The interview was conducted by Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari the founder and former editor of Italian newspaper La Repubblica.  READ MORE