Yellowstone could be erupting from underground after experts recorded signs of activity from a powerful geyser in the national park which is home to a terrifying supervolcano.  Experts at Yellowstone National Park claim to have seen the Steamboat Geyser erupt on Thursday night. The park service made the announcement about the world’s tallest active geyser on Friday, as geologists compared the accounts to thermal sensors in the area. It was determined that it “could be a series of

minor eruptions”. The geyser can shoot water more than 300 feet during significant eruptions.  A New Zealand geyser has sent water higher still, albeit not for more than 100 years. The activity will have sent fears among volcano watchers who worry for the supervolcano, located about 15 miles south of the geyser, is due to erupt. Yellowstone National Park has more than 10,000 thermal features, sitting atop the world’s largest volcano. READ MORE