Several congregants at a historic church in London were offended by a Star Wars “Stormtrooper” crucifixion that was being displayed as part of a “Stations of the Cross” exhibit that opened to the public Thursday.  The controversial work, called the “Stormtrooper Crucifixion,” was removed from its prominent placement in the exhibit at St. Stehphen Walbrook and placed in the back of the church after parishioners felt that the work was offensive.

The Telegraph reports that the exhibition is a fundraiser to support the Missing Tom Fund, which is dedicated to searching for a man named Tom Moore who has been missing since 2003. The display, created by street artist Ryan Callanan, features a full-size model Imperial Stormtrooper (an antagonist soldier from the “Star Wars” series) tied-up on a large wooden cross with his arms spread along the crossbar and his feet tied together.  READ MORE