(By Nate Brown) Thanks to the rapid spread of misinformation, socialism, and communism are gaining ground in America. Historically, the murderous political ideology has overtaken governments by social movements and such is currently going on with the American youth. The American education system has many flaws, perhaps the largest being the failure to correctly teach history to millennials. However, regardless of such, it doesn’t help that one of the largest news organizations in America is continually pushing Socialistic rhetoric to the populace either. CNN, in January, tweeted the following, in regards to celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.;


– He’s an environmental hero

– He was a socialist before it was cool

– He never let a political disagreement turn nasty Many Americans have turned MLK into a safe holiday mascot, but some say King still speaks in ways that go beyond civil rights

In no way, is socialism ‘cool.’ Regardless of such, millennials are being taught that socialism is the answer to their problems. In addition, to CNN and other major news outlets promoting such, nearly half of millennials, roughly 44 percent, prefer socialism to capitalism. FULL REPORT