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Google Maps may have captured proof of the afterlife after an image was captured showing what some believe to be the “ghost of a young boy” crouching next to a house. The supposed apparition was captured at a house which was up for sale in the city of Asheville in North Carolina, in the US.   The picture shows a large house with trees in the background. However, on closer inspection, the faint figure of what appears to be a young boy can be made out on a bridge near the front garden.Some

viewers have said it looks as though he is staring at the camera while playing with a small toy car.  The picture was revealed by a Twitter account with the username Anna Nicole’s Revenge.  They shared the snap with the caption: “I was looking at this house that’s for sale on Google Maps and I’m convinced there is a ghost of a little kid sitting on the bridge! Thoughts?” Viewers had mixed views about what was on camera. One posted: “It gave me the chills. Makes you think there could be an afterlife.” READ MORE