(By Dr. Doug Weiss) As human beings, we all have our stories to tell. Some of you may be struggling with slothfulness, envy, identity issues, fear of intimacy, rage, sexual struggles and many others. You have your own story to tell. Think back through your life; is there a nagging area of your life that seems to crop up again and again that you never seem to get control of? Really, if we were all honest, our story would probably have more than one area that we might struggle with. Day after day, people walk into my office who are good people.

They try to be responsible and try to get control, but they feel that something has control over them. If you or someone you know is one of these individuals who feel something has control over them, you are in for a great trip. You don’t need to be controlled by things in your life. You really can get control over what has control over you. I have seen people set free of many behaviors that were controlling them. You, too, can be a candidate to finally get control over what has been controlling you. Don’t worry about how long you have been controlled by it; you can still get in control. CONTINUE