Will Catholics go to Heaven?  Bethlehem College & Seminary chancellor and DesiringGod founder John Piper answers this question. In a podcast posted to the DesiringGod website on Wednesday, a listener named Jimmy asked Piper if a recently deceased friend of his who was Catholic would go to Heaven. “He was a great man, a good friend, a mentor to many young men like myself, and a devout Roman Catholic,” said Jimmy. “Will I see my friend in Heaven?

Or do his theological views make this impossible? Can I rightfully experience Paul’s ‘sorrowful, yet always rejoicing’ mantra, or was my friend merely a devoted husband, a wonderful friend, and a good man? In other words, do you believe devout Roman Catholics can be genuine Christians?” Piper began his response by noting the theological issues he has with the Catholic Church, specifically concerns over how the Church views Scripture, the Virgin Mary, baptism, indulgences, the doctrine of justification, transubstantiation, and purgatory. READ MORE