To understand how the world will end, you must first understand it’s beginning, says Del Tackett. Christians often throw around biblical books like Daniel, Revelation and Ezekiel as holding the secrets to the end times, but Tackett says it is Genesis that can truly open up a believer’s eyes. In Is Genesis History, re-releasing in theaters for one night on Feb. 22, host Tackett, the former president of the Focus on the Family Institute, explores the details of the foundations of the earth and how Satan has twisted truth to deceive generations. “[Peter tells us] there will come a time where there will be scoffers, where the promise of His coming escapes their notice,” Tackett says.

“But this takes us back to creation and the created world. [God] formed the world and destroyed the world, and people willfully unnoticed this. The Greek word here implies they were capable of noticing but it willfully escaped their notice. And God will one day again destroy it all with fire, which lays out a very high view of the metanarrative of God, creation, the fall of man, the judgment and flood, and the way to restore all things. He will destroy all things and then restore all things, and when we lose that understanding, we find ourselves in a position of scoffing historically at what God said He did.” READ MORE