(By Becky Dvorak) You believe Jesus is Lord, you attend weekly services at your local Christian fellowship, you read the Bible and even memorize Scriptures. Yet, something is missing. You begin to question your walk with the Lord. And with quite a bit of delusion, you have come to the conclusion that something is missing and there has got to be more to Christianity than what you have. A young man in Austin, Texas came to this point of delusion with his daily walk with the Lord.

He was raised in a denominational church that taught him this was it. And even though he realized that his salvation in Jesus Christ is a great gift and his entrance into eternal life in heaven, something was missing to walk out his faith on this earth. And he reached the point where he knew there had to be more to Christianity. He cried out to God and said, “Enough is enough!” He accepted an invitation to come to a healing conference being held with another fellowship that weekend. And this is where I met this young man. CONTINUE