(By Dan Andros) A new debate hit the internet today and it put yoga squarely in the crosshairs. It all started with this tweet observation from writer Matt Walsh: “It’s kind of amazing to see all of the Christians who think nothing of going to a yoga class. There are many excellent ways to get in shape that do not involve participating in Hindu worship.” – Matt Walsh via Twitter

And with that, the yoga Twitter war began. Walsh took issue by linking yoga to Hindu worship, which appears to be a fair assertion. The debate, however, is hardly anything new. The issue was raised by the BBC a few years ago, interestingly by a muslim woman, not by a Christian. They also included concerns about practicing it from a number of other religions:

“When I told my family and a few friends, they did not react positively,” she recalls. “They were very confused as to why I wanted to do it – that it might be going against Islam.” Their suspicions about yoga are shared by many Muslims, Christians and Jews around the world and relate to yoga’s history as an ancient spiritual practice with connections to Hinduism and Buddhism. If I was to kneel down does that mean I’m praying – or am I just kneeling? READ MORE