(By Tzippe Barrow)There’s been plenty written about the fulfillment of end-time prophecies in the days in which we’re living. The changes that have taken place in Turkey over the past decade and a half could possibly indicate the latest piece of the puzzle falling into place. Before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ascent to power, Turkey and Israel enjoyed a close working relationship, from tourism to trade to the military and beyond. That began to change when Erdogan was elected prime minister in 2003. Over time, he

became increasingly open about his plan to reshape Turkey into an Islamic state. He wasn’t subtle and indeed was quick to oppress and/or arrest anyone who opposed him. One incident followed another. CBN News reported on many of them. While trying to keep an open door with NATO and possible membership in the EU, Erdogan gravitated toward Islamic leaders in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere. He extended invitations to senior officials of known terror groups like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He criticized Israel at every opportunity and praised Islamic endeavors. READ MORE