Rob Bell has sparked no shortage of controversy with views and proclamations that some believe are anti-Christian in nature.  And now fans and critics, alike, will have the chance to hear more from Bell, as he’s the focus of a new documentary titled, “The Heretic.” The film releases on March 1 on Amazon and on iTunes, as RELEVANT noted.  The trailer for “The Heretic” quotes Bell saying a variety of things that are sure to attract attention. Here are just two bits:


“When I kept going into the Jesus teachings, it took me beyond a religion to what does it mean to be human. And I actually think Jesus would be absolutely mortified that somebody started a religion in his name.” “The Bible has caused so much damage…” Bell took to his Facebook page on Thursday to note that he was approached a few years back by a filmmaker named Andrew Morgan. Morgan wanted to make a documentary about Bell’s work and Bell obliged. “We have great respect for Andrew so we said yes and he began filming tours and RobCasts and events and interviews — I can’t imagine just how much footage he captured,” Bell said. “The result is a new film that he is preparing to release. It’s called The Heretic.” READ MORE