The internet is divided over a picture of the ominous beast lurking beneath the waves on a beach in Queensland, Australia.  Many are convinced it is a shark, pointing to the tail as a “dead giveaway” – but others are adamant it is a dolphin, sparking a fierce social media frenzy. The picture was taken by Kellie Wilson at Duranbah Beach near Tweeds Head on Friday, who joked it could be half shark and half dolphin.

Instagram user zeal. FreeMind commented on Ms. Wilson’s picture: I am also a zoologist/ecologist and have almost finished a degree in Environmental Science and have spent most of my life studying and working with animals of all kinds. “The animal in your photos is a dolphin. “The distance of the pectoral fins is further away from the dorsal fin which clearly identifies it as a dolphin. “The tail looks as though there is something caught around it or it could just be a glitch in the photo due to the water distortion which is very common in photos of animals in water.” READ MORE