Actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron warned parents that kids begin sexting as early as 10 years old. “Did you know kids now admit that the average age they began sexting is 10-years-old,” Cameron said in a Facebook video. “We also know that the average age kids get their first smartphone is 10-years-old.” As shocking as that statistic may be, Cameron said he does not want families to be alarmed. “Don’t panic, real help is on the way,” the Christian minister assured. The former “Growing Pains” actor has

become quite the advocate for marriages and families in recent years and he went on to invite people to his upcoming theatrical event, which aims to help parents connect with their children in today’s digitally-driven age. Sexting is usually defined as sharing nude or nearly nude photos of through mobile or internet communication. According to Cox Communications, 80 percent of teens who have sexted are under the age of 18, and a 2012 JAMA study said over half (57 percent) of teens reported that they had been asked to send a sext before. READ MORE